Stockton Delta Water Supply Project Site Plan and Water Treatment Plant (LEED Gold)

Stockton, CA

This significant LEED Gold project is the City of Stockton’s first water treatment plant which will have an initial capacity of 30 million gallons a day (mgd), and ultimately be expanded up to 160 mgd.

MWA and CDM Smith Engineers were responsible for the layout of the treatment plant site. The scope also includes slow sand filters, an administration/operation building, maintenance building, membrane building, ozone building and a treated water reservoir. The team is evaluating alternative uses for the 40-60 acres of the City's 120-acre site that is not occupied by the water treatment plant. Such uses may include a water resources learning/exhibition center, renewable energy facility and a park.

Client: CDM Smith
Cost: $67 Million
Completion: 2011
Awards: 2013 Award of Merit for Engineering Excellence, ACEC of California | 2012 Best Civil Works/Infrastructure Project Award of Merit, Engineering News Record