Office Building at the West Point Treatment Plant

Seattle, WA

MWA was unanimously selected by King County to design an office building for their West Point Treatment Plant. The program consists of an exercise gym, conference room, offices and support spaces. The gathering space at the heart of the building is capped by a high skylight the width of the building encouraging employee collaboration.

Green Building Ordinance in design, based on LEED v.2.2. Design incorporates energy efficient building technology, boiler water available at the plant to heat the spaces through radiant floor systems and uses convection for cooling; ceiling fans are centered in each major space. Operable windows at each workstation give temperature and breeze control to users. The client emphasized the need for high air quality and all materials and finishes are low-V.O.C.

Client: King County
Cost: $1.8 million
Completion: September 2012