Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology (BAYCAT)

San Francisco, CA

The brainchild of MacArthur Fellow Bill Strickland and international jazz musician Herbie Hancock, BAYCAT provides underserved and underemployed students with the multimedia, high technology, arts skills needed to succeed in the contemporary workforce.

MWA provided complete design services to improve a 5,000 square foot interior space in a warehouse building. Locating an educational facility in a warehouse building presented challenges from a planning and zoning standpoint and a fire department code standpoint. Located on the San Francisco Bay waterfront near the entrance to the Hunters Point Shipyard, the center is a sister to Strickland’s hugely successful training center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Client: Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild/Bidwell Training Center, Inc.
Cost: $200,000
Completion: 2004