Interstate Renovation Project

Portland, OR

Designed to meet LEED Gold certification and comply with the City of Portland's Green Building Policy, the Interstate Maintenance Facility renovation project includes an essential services warehouse building that serves the Portland Water Bureau's maintenance operations, an office building, and extensive site modernization.

The facility provides a front door for Bureau operations, as well as a renewed civic presence in Albina's commercial district. The placement of buildings at the site's perimeter reflects the urban location and provides enhanced site security. Extensive bicycle parking and electric car charging stations help improve mobility options.

The new, 36,000-SF warehouse building houses a 200-person training room, warehousing of maintenance materials, and shops areas. The 42,000-SF office building provides field crew and security support. Over 300 employees report to this facility each day.

Client: Portland Water Bureau
Cost: $36 Million
Completion: Estimated 2016

Photos: Thomas Harris