St. Francis Park Apartments

Portland, OR

Bridging Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District and the residential Buckman neighborhood, the new St. Francis Park Apartments will add 106 much needed affordable housing units.

Featuring 77 studio apartments, 28 one-bedroom apartments, and one two-bedroom apartment, the design thoughtfully reflects the simplicity of nearby industrial buildings. Keeping the layout and massing efficient allowed the design team to incorporate a quality material palette, and provide a variety of outdoor spaces that will serve to foster a sense of community.

The sloping site presents substantial street frontage on all four sides. Like a pinwheel that moves and responds, the building’s design concept adapts to its context on these street fronts. It dips to the south and west with a three-story building connecting to a four-story building on the east. This massing allows sunlight to be maximized in the plaza and community garden. In turn, the garden will promote local food production for the residents and the neighboring St. Francis Dining Hall.

Client: Catholic Charities and Home Forward
Cost: $14.6 million
Estimated Completion: May 2017