Shift Mississippi - Rear Break House

Portland, OR

MWA designed this fresh and modern home nestled in Portland’s Historic Mississippi Avenue District for Shift Vacation Rentals.

Tucked behind an older craftsman house, the Rear Break House is a new 5-bedroom, 3-bath home that is fully ADA accessible on the ground floor.

Architect, Diana Moosman emphasized strong indoor-outdoor relationships in the design. The ground floor living space directly engages the outdoors with a dynamic urban courtyard created between the new and existing houses. A long cedar covered porch creates a transition space to the intimate courtyard.

Clean and bright interior spaces feature an open kitchen, dining, and family room. Windows were carefully placed to frame views, maximize daylight and protect privacy. Upstairs the 4 bedrooms flank a shared lounge that opens onto an upstairs deck.

In order to gain energy efficiency, the house uses a high efficiency heat pump and employs exterior insulation to improve the thermal envelope.

This house was built with a very tight budget and employs a cost efficient siding system that uses affordable materials in an innovative way. For example, the use of Hardie-panel with an oversized batten at a tighter spacing creates a rich surface texture. In addition, vertical proportions give the building an upright character, and a flat roof minimizes the bulk of the 2000 sf home.

Client: Shift Vacation Rentals
Cost: Private Owner / Costs Not Disclosed
Completion: August 2015

Photos: Thomas Harris