Eastmont Wellness Specialty Clinic

Oakland, CA

The Eastmont Specialty Clinic is a 6,400 SF ambulatory care center that provides orthopedic, ophthalmology and primary care under one roof.

MWA worked with AHS project team to ensure that the design met its goals for promoting collaboration and establishing a new design standard for its future clinic projects. The clinic includes 16 exam rooms, clean and soiled utility rooms and administrative support.

Built features include comfortable spaces with high ceilings for health planning, record updating and personal reflection; sustainable material and finishes maintain a healthy care environment.

Careful planning, attentive design and collaboration with the construction manager and cost estimator insured that the project completed on time and on budget.

Client: Ambulatory Health Care Services | Alameda Health System
Cost: $909,350
Completion: April 2013

Photos: David Wakely