Dr. Lawrence A. Smookler Medical Clinic at San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco, CA

MWA’s design is integrated into the context and standards of the Airport and also the standards of Catholic Health West, who operates the clinic.

The clinic serves not only the airport but also the surrounding community including the hospitality services. The 5,500 square foot clinic includes a new x-ray room and equipment, examination rooms, isolation room, physical therapy room and drug testing rooms. The primary challenges were to manage the phasing of the clinic’s relocation so that disruption was kept to a minimum and to ensure that the installation of the utilities did not breach Customs security which operates on the floor below the clinic. The medical clinic was relocated from Terminal 2 of the Airport to the International Terminal so that renovation of Terminal 2 (for which MWA is part of the design/build team) can proceed.

Client: San Francisco International Airport
Cost: $2.4 Million
Completion: 2009

Photos: Russell Abraham