Hallidie Plaza Elevator / Hallidie Plaza Master Plan

San Francisco, CA

MWA designed a three-stop elevator to provide access to the below-surface plaza, the San Francisco Visitor Center and the Powell Street MUNI/BART stations.

The elevator is a sculpted form, which gives a new focus to this important public area. The elevator shaft is wrapped with perforated stainless steel screen walls, creating patterns of light and shadow that change with the time of day. In 2004 we brought together the Union Square Business Improvement District, MUNI and BART in an open forum for the public, local merchants and representatives from various City agencies together with a group of architects and designers led by MWA to re-envision the Plaza and to provide a framework for change.

Client: City and County of San Francisco, Bureau of Architecture
Cost: $429,000
Completion: 1997
Completion: 1991 I.D. Annual Design Review-Design Distinction Environment | 1999 Honor Award | 1998 Award for Excellence in Architecture-Built Work