MWA at Work

Every MWA project is a dialogue between the client and the architects.

We listen for whole solutions. We seek to elicit the multiple experiences present in the discussion of any project and ask the important questions: How does this project fit its program, community, budget and intent? Our best work comes from our people who have the ability to listen first and to be responsive to the context and mindful of the effects.

Owners Jeff McGraw & Carlton Smith

Every project has an impact beyond its property lines. As architects working in a largely urban environment, we want to understand how a project responds to that environment and how well it works within the comprehensive fabric of the city.

At MWA, we embrace this approach with enthusiasm and sensitivity.

We Design Teach and Learn

In equal measures. We love architecture and enjoy the give and take inherent in great design. Our architects are people who challenge the status quo and aspire to leave the built and natural environment a better place than they found it. We are committed to sharing what we’ve learned with the next generation of architects.